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Le Red Tiger is a Vietnamese pub that aims to bring alive the unique tastes, aromas, and ambiance of Vietnam. Our menu consists of tapas to share inspired by street food typically found in our motherland. Refreshing house cocktails are served with utmost care by our impassioned bartenders. The atmosphere is festive and casual; come experience it for yourself!





1201 Blvd. de Maisonneuve E., Montreal, QC H2X 2A1


Monday 5PM–10:30PM
Tuesday to Thursday
Saturday 11:00AM–2:30PM,
Sunday Closed




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Le Red Tiger Vietnamese Pub Soft Opens Today in the Village

After months of anticipation, Le Red Tiger, led by principals Emilie Nguyen, Phong Thach (both of Kaiji Restaurant in Villeray) and Dan Pham (late of Jack Saloon and Le Confessional), soft opens today. The Vietnamese pub has made over the old Lanterne restaurant in the Village to focus on hard-to-find street food and home-cooked classics.

New Vietnamese Star Red Tiger Has All the Ingredients for Success

Geneviève Vézina-Montplaisir writes up new wave Vietnamese restaurant Red Tiger  for Métro. Led by principals Emilie Nguyen, Phong Thach (both of Kaiji Restaurant in Villeray), and Dan Pham (late of Jack Saloon and Le Confessional), the makeover of the old Lanterne restaurant in the Village was declared a hit, somewhat prematurely, before it served its first citronella beef brochette this past May.

Best Vietnamese Street Food in Montreal – Le Red Tiger

I haven’t had a meal like this in a while, probably one of the best in a very long time. I don’t say that lightly. I wholeheartedly mean it. “Enchanted”, “in love”, “food boner”… there aren’t enough adjectives or ways to describe my experience at Le Red Tiger.

Nouveauté: Red Tiger

Emilie Nguyen, Dan Pham et le chef Phong Thach souhaitent faire découvrir aux Montréalais un aspect de la cuisine vietnamienne encore méconnu dans la métropole: la cuisine de rue!

Rouge de plaisir!

J’adore aller manger de la cuisine asiatique, quelles qu’elles soient, japonaise, chinoise, coréenne, thaïlandaise, vietnamienne... mais je suis déçu la plupart du temps.

10 Notable New Montreal Restaurants on Our Radar in 2015

Montreal is seeing new restaurants open in every corner of the city – and we can’t wait to try them all. From new Vietnamese soul food to Mexican-style tapas, gourmet burgers to seafood brasseries, we have a lot to look forward to.

Here are 10 notable new Montreal Restaurants to look for in 2015.

11 Hotly Anticipated New Montreal Restaurants for 2015

We love our culture, but Vietnamese food isn’t all pho, noodles, and soups. We see pho places everywhere in Montreal, but when we crave grilled skewered meats, Õc (sautéed sea snails in tamarind sauce), or Thịt Kho (caramelized pork and eggs braised in carbonated juice) they are hard to find, (unless we're in Vietnam, at our mom’s house, or someone else’s mom’s house). 

Émission : Tendances asiatiques

Ce soir à Curieux Bégin, on sillonne les rues de Montréal vers trois destinations inspirées des brasseries en Asie : Le Biiru aux saveurs nipponnes, le Satays Brothers influencé de l’Asie du Sud-Est et le pub vietnamien Red Tiger.

Le Red Tiger: un délicieux pub vietnamien & contemporain

Je fais partie de ces personnes chanceuses qui ont eu le bonheur de visiter le Viêt Nam.
Dans mon cas, j’y suis restée un peu plus d’un mois, à parcourir du nord au sud, des montagnes à la mer, ce magnifique pays qui se découvre d’abord avec la bouche.

Restaurant Buzz: Le Red Tiger

Vietnamese street food meets soul food at the 60-seat Le Red Tiger in Montreal’s Village. Co-owners Emilie Nguyen, Dan Pham and chef/co-owner Phong Thach meld their culinary adventures with the street foods of Vietnam and the home-cooked meals from their childhood.

Les délices du Vietnam au Red Tiger

Trouver un restaurant quasiment plein, un lundi soir, à Montréal, cela est assez rare. Trouver un restaurant qui affiche presque complet et où il règne une ambiance de fête le jour le plus ennuyant de la semaine, voilà ce qui a de quoi surprendre, mais aussi de quoi égayer une soirée.


Visitors coming to Montréal for the annual Pride festivities will inevitably tackle a gamut of fun-filled festival activities. But as you groove around the city, don’t forget about one of life’s most basic needs: food.

Montréal has an international reputation for being a great food city, and the Gay Village — ground zero for Pride activities — is not exempt from this repute. In the past, the relatively affordable rents of the neighbourhood have enabled burgeoning restaurateurs to set up shop and experiment with a receptive queer community. While the Gay Village continues to evolve, what has remained consistent is a decent density of great food options.


Noisy Red Tiger Woos Montreal Restaurant Critic With Vietnamese Street Food

The critic for Le Journal de Montréal professes his love for "la cuisine asiatique" (be it "japonaise, chinoise, coréenne, thaïlandaise, vietnamienne") at the start of his review this week, but regrets that he's so often disappointed by the results.


Ce soir à Curieux Bégin, on sillonne les Les néons qui vous accueillent illuminent la phrase « Plus on est de fous plus on rit » C’est un peu l’ambiance que vous trouverez au restaurant le Red Tiger; un endroit charmant, chaleureux et sans prétention qui bourdonne de gourmands. Le resto est un restaurant festif et abordable de Montréal.

Best Montreal Vietnamese Restaurants In Ville-Marie

When you're looking to eat something that'll instantly warm your soul, Vietnamese food is always the way to go. Every dish is flavourful and full of fresh herbs and vegetables.

Le restaurant Red Tiger te paye le souper pour sa pré-ouverture!

S'il y a une chose qui ne manque pas à Montréal, c'est les restaurants et les bars! Sur une scène saturée par les steaks trop chers et les établissements qui se prétendent chic, la vulgarisation de la haute cuisine est une tendance qui gagne en popularité en ville.

Avec un décor qui rappelle les speakeasies de Hong-Kong, la nouvelle aventure d'Émilie Nguyen et Dan Pham, Le Red Tiger, propose un menu excitant plein de nouvelles saveurs!

Le Red Tiger

Le Red Tiger serves modernized versions of Vietnamese street food in a pub atmosphere that reads a lot like an updated American diner -- with checkered tile floors, bright colors, and a counter-wrapped open kitchen. Beers are on tap, and an intriguing list of Asian-inflected proprietary cocktails are served, like the F.O.B. (fusing gin, Thai basil syrup, lime and egg white). The food is just as appealing as the cocktails, with a menu focusing on less common Vietnamese plates, from beef jerky-papaya salad to snails sautéed in lemongrass, in addition to a cast of special Vietnamese soup dishes.